Sunday, May 30, 2010

Studio 23 on Kuppa Kopi

In November 2009, we were interviewed on our local radio station Red FM. I say 'we' but it was actually Emmelina and my mom who did all the talking while I was just trying not to breathe too heavily into my microphone. Radio interviews are alright because you get to slouch in your chair, swivel it all about and gesture wildly at your interview partner. AND you can write notes to each other.

However, being interviewed for a TV programme is totally different. First of all, there are so many people in the room and they're all looking at you. Apart from the cameramen, there are the producer, the director and other technical crew. And really, there's nothing that induces a blank mind faster than the knowledge that you're being recorded and that if you mess up, everyone has to wait while they reset and do a retake. And trust me, the wait is agonizingly long when you're the cause!

But let's start from the very beginning, a very good place to start...

Memorising important facts.
"Si! My name is Herina...D'oh!...Hi! My name is Serina."

Yes, I actually did fall asleep and even had a minor leg twitch,
which I quickly covered up by gracefully recrossing my legs.
Thank God I didn't kick her.

Saodah, miracle worker.
My request was, 'Please make me look fresh and awake'.

I spent the whole time staring at Sharnaz because I didn't
know which camera to look at!

Sharnaz (presenter), Regina (producer), Ms. Iris (Ballet teacher),
Mr Chester (Sarawak Dancesport Association),
En. Sharkawi (Caperena Dance Academy)
dan Puan Serina (Studio 23).

The chat during the coffee (and curry puff yay!) session we had after the recording was actually more interesting as we were all more relaxed, and it was fun and inspiring to meet people who are passionate about dance as well.

It was really scary being on TV but it was also a really interesting and eye-opening experience. (In one instance, 'eye-opening' became literal as the dilating of my pupils syncronised with my mind going blank). But now, I can forever regale my great-grandchildren about the time I was on TV. Thanks, Regina, for inviting us to the show, and to Sharnaz who has such a warm personality and who was able to make us laugh and feel more-at-ease in front of the cameras.

I was actually really really shy about being on TV and had refrained from telling anyone about it, despite Lydia's intense interrogation and Wilfred's sneaky casual interrogation. But when I was in Penang, very busy training hard during Aziza's workshop, I got an sms:

Lydia : Ahahaha it's Kuppa Kopi! I'm gonna watch you space out on TV!
Serina: Nooooooooooo!!! How did you find out?!!
Lydia : Albert mentioned it on the blog!!


Next up...Kuppa Kopi comes to Studio 23....

P/S: If any of you took photos of the RTM crew in the studio that day, please email it to thanks!

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Bi said...

When i saw the "Si! My name is Herina..." part i was like- Huh?!?! Kuppa Kopi is in Spanish?! Biar betul...

den i finished the caption. haha! Got recording, ah?

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