Saturday, May 8, 2010



It's going to be a packed week for Studio 23, we've got a lot of big things on the go for the coming week!

1. Kettlebell Demo / Workshop at the Sarawak Health and Wellness Expo 2010!

Albert will be at Permata Exhibition Hall tomorrow, May 9th, at 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. Whether you're looking to find out what kettlebells are all about, or just want an extra workout, come by!

2. TV Filming at Studio 23!

Serina was very recently interviewed for RTM's Kuppa Kopi show, and they'll be coming to the studio to film some of the classes on Tuesday, May 11th. All Tuesday dancers in the Belly Dance Level 3 and Modern Jazz Level 2 classes, please dress decently (remember this is national TV, so no plunging necklines, no exposed tummies!) and use light, natural makeup - here's your chance to shine on TV! Flamenco Level 2 dancers, there will be a staged "class" so bring your skirt and shoes. Contact us for more details!

REMEMBER: Nothing over the top please, we want to show what our regular classes look like, so we don't want them thinking every day is like a fairy tale here. So Lydia, put that ball gown away please!


On Sunday, May 16th, The Sarawak Children's Cancer Society is holding their second Go Bald event at the Spring. From Studio 23, Albert and Georgette will be shaving their heads again (as well as collecting donations to do so, hint hint!!), and they'll be joined this year by Joanna! Come out and show your support for kids fighting cancer!

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