Thursday, June 10, 2010


Well, we started the first week of adult ballet classes last Friday, where some students reactivated long lost muscles, while the rest discovered new ones. Here's just a taste of the fun to be had imagining you were a 9-year old girl in pink tights.

We took part in intense Matrix-style training.
"There is no longkang, there is no longkang...JUMP!"

If you see any grown adults walking around Kuching like this,
you know where they came from.

The long-lost key to eliminating chicken wing arms, rediscovered at last!

The Monday class saw the introduction of guys to the wonderful world of ballet. But only after we found them loitering at the stairs outside, too shy to come in.

We stretched like there was no tomorrow (or camera-woman)...

We learnt to cross the road just like the Beatles...

...not as stylish as John, but we can't all be.

Finally, what does Spider-Man have in common with Studio 23? know, apart from the fancy costumes?

...give up?

The poses! Here we see our Spider-Women in training.

Group 3 of the Ballet class meets tomorrow for their first class, 7 p.m.

Remember to come early to register, and have a blast, guys!

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