Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This Saturday May 15th at 8pm, we'll be going back to the Spring, to support this year's edition of the Sarawak Children's Cancer Society's Go Bald campaign. Last year, our dancers were showing off their shimmy skills, with a 4-minute, non-stop shimmy session! This year we're back with a lot more stuff, some classic and some brand new:

Nobody, Nobody (Wonder Girls) - one of our most popular dances!

Let's Dance (Vanessa Hudgens) - our latest Modern Jazz dance!

Drum Intro - our first ever drum intro!

Salome's Seven Veils - Serina will be performing a brand-new veil dance* choreographed by the international Belly Dance Star, Aziza! If you've never seen Aziza dance, check this video out and you'll know why we're such fans!

*if it's ready! We reserve the right to chicken out if the dance isn't ready!

But that's not all, just like last year's shimmies, we're bringing a new Belly Dance Challenge!

Among the many instruments used in Belly Dance are the Zills:

They're also called "finger cymbals" and are used by dancers to accentuate rhythms and beats. Come and try them out for yourself! For every person who comes up on stage to take on the Belly Dance challenge, Studio 23 will donate RM100 to the SCCS - so come on and give it a go!

See you there!

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