Thursday, November 19, 2009

Flirting With Flamenco

It's time for another post by a guest blogger: welcome, Diana!

As readers of this blog know, this is my first posting for Studio23. And just a little info on me, I am a dance student at Studio23, and I learn a little of everything. Bellydance, Modern Jazz, Salsa and Flamenco...

Every dance is different and difficult in its own way, but personally for me Flamenco is the hardest of all. The percussive footwork, and intricate hand, arm and body movements are a little too much on a softie dancer like me! Well, blame that on traditional dance training I had since small :(

Anyway, after months of training under Serina, I think we've managed to look presentable enough on stage at the Dinner & Dance last Saturday. Considering the fact that we are only babies at Flamenco! Take a look at the following photos courtesy of Calvin Sim.

Looking good with Kayla :)

Okay I'm showing off here... cos I always get scolded for having the wrong posture!

And immediately the next day was our workshop with Kayla which was interesting and fun. Firstly, it's because Kayla has so much energy and her passion for Flamenco is AMAZING!! It's inspiring to meet someone who loves the art of Flamenco dance so much, and I found it quite a joy to watch her personal expressions and emotions change many times during her performances. Which of course I've yet to master because I normally have one expression on my face when I'm dancing ~ standard traditional dancer smile!

Workshop participants

So after a hectic weekend with the Dinner & Dance and Kayla's workshop, we decided to have a little celebration of our own. Did you think we Flamenco dancers wont know how to have a good time? Of course we had celebration in mind, especially after all those fierce stomping and emotion building in class! So Jambu it was for a nice Flamenco party with Tapas and Sangria's.....

Cheers !!

This is what happens to dancers who has had a little too much of Sangria's !!

All in all, we had a good night in Jambu. New friendships were forged amongst Level 1 and Level 2 students, we had a chance to perform to a small crowd of frequent patrons of Jambu but most of all, we had some good womenly bonding time and some good memories for you know, the memory bag :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Kayla and Diana performing at the 2009 Studio 23 Dinner and Dance!

It's been a super hectic week leading up to our Dinner and Dance on the 14th. It was a lot of fun - when we had time to sit down and breathe! We'll be doing up a post about that soon, but we're still sorting through all the backstage video and waiting on the official footage from BCCK.

We've heard a lot of positive feedback about the night and would like to thank everyone who either attended or supported the event!

In the meantime, though, we've also been organising a series of Flamenco workshops featuring Kayla, Malaysia's top Flamenco dancer! For the last 2 nights she's been at the Studio, and tonight there will be a final workshop, followed by a Flamenco party! Don't miss this chance to hang out and dance with Kayla and the Studio 23 Flamenco dancers - there's no cover charge, so come one, come all!

See you there!

Location: Jambu restaurant
Time: 9.00 p.m. onwards

Thursday, November 5, 2009



Click on the pictures to view them in more detail.

SO, we're capping our first year of operations off with a dinner and dance party! Here's just a bit of what you can expect:

An 8-course Chinese set dinner. We've heard nothing but really good things about the food at BCCK, so we're really looking forward to this! (but of course, the dinner isn't the only reason you're going though, right?)

A full-on concert, showcasing Belly Dance, Jazz and Flamenco performances, and featuring the Studio 23 dancers and a one-night-only chance to watch Kayla, Serina's own Flamenco instructor from KL. It's an excellent chance to watch an experienced Flamenco dancer in action - and take advantage of the opportunity while it's here! It's been decided that we will not be doing something on this scale next year, so the next chance for you to watch a Studio 23 concert event will be in 2011.

If you're in Kuching and at all interested in dance, you won't want to miss out on this event!

DATE: Saturday, Nov 14, 2009.
TIME: 6:30 p.m.

RM70 per person. Tickets are available only at Studio 23.
For more information, please email or see Eileen at the studio.

Studio 23 on Red FM

Hello hello! I'm back! So Serina didn't ban me after the previous post. Hehehehe. ;p

Did you hear us on radio this morning?


As announced on Studio 23's Facebook page, Studio 23 was being interviewed by Red FM at 9am this morning. So have you figured out what 'Fizfit' is called in Mandarin? ;)

Us in our early morning face. Very early OK.

We arrived at RTM earlier than planned. On the way, we had fun trying to practice saying terms like Flamenco, gypsy, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, passionate etc. in Mandarin. Our Mandarin is quite rusty, and Serina claims hers to be 'kindergarten-level', which explains why she translated 'frustration' as 'xiao qi gui' (小气鬼) -- it means 'petty'. Hahahah! After that she decided to keep quiet in case she corrupted what little Chinese vocab we had left.


At 5 minutes to 9am, two very giggly dancers and one very serious studio manager were called into the recording room, which was behind 2 heavy doors! I remembered the time because we all chose to go to the washroom at the very last minute. Hahaha!


Looks can be deceiving. Serina looks more like she's in a heated debate rather than an interview. Heheheh! Obviously a fake shot. ;p She was a mute interviewee the whole time. ;p

The real voices behind the microphones?



Still the sleepy faces

Aunty Eileen said she didn't dare to look at us during the interview for fear that she would burst into laughter, because Serina and I were so giggly and full of physical action that we had to keep supressing our laughters behind our hands. Full of action because there were times when we didn't know how to answer, so Serina had to wave animatedly trying to explain to us what to answer.


Eventually we settled on note-passing, like in primary school. Hehehe... I wonder if the deejay was irritated at us for being so animated. Hahaha!

Look at our notes!

At one point, Serina suddenly nudged me and indicated for me to look at the window. There were some high school students (must be some lawatan sambil belajar thingy after PMR) standing there waving at us and trying to take pictures of us. Hahah!


They must think we're some kind of super star or something to be interviewed like that. Guess what? We both smiled and posed! Hahaha, I cannot believe we did that!

With the deejay

Here's a picture with the friendly deejay. She's a wonderful bilingual deejay who thankfully was fluent in both English and Mandarin and could put us all at ease. All in all, I had a very interesting and wonderful experience. It was so much fun I'm wishing I could trade my teaching degree for one in mass communication. ;p Maybe just for one day. ;p

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Ladies: if you're interested in joining the CMD program, but would prefer a women-only class, let us know!

You can expect to learn effective self-defense skills in a fun, relaxed and non-competitive environment - while getting a really good cardiovascular workout.

Up for it? Head over to the discussions board on our Facebook page (If the link won't work for you, you can still click over to our Facebook page via the fan box to the right of the screen) and post a reply!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

'I Do'

NOTE: This is our very first post by a guest-blogger...our newest dance instructor, Emmelina! Just in case you were, you know, wondering.

~Albert & Serina


Have you realized there's been a lot of weddings lately? Within 5 days, Studio 23 has been to two! Some of us at least. ;)


Let me rephrase. Studio 23 has been invited to perform at 2 weddings within the past 5 days.

#1 Ming & Angela's Wedding

Ming & Angela (Photo by Jong Saw Kang)

28/10/2009, Riverside - I heard this was a good day in the Chinese calendar to get married. This explains the three wedding cars I saw on my way to and from our rehearsal that day.

It was a really grand wedding. 90 tables they say?! But we were backstage the whole time, hehe, so don't ask me how the food tasted, or what the door gifts were, though I saw from my friend Saw Kang's (whose photos I stole for the purpose of this blog post) photos that it was a candle. Anyway, since we were invited to perform, here are some photos which I stole from Saw Kang, (and none from my camera, because Serina forbade me to post them up before our Dinner and Dance and spoil the surprise in store for y'all) ;p

Princess Diana

Mother hen, Serina

Hot mummy, Jass

Unfortunately, according to Saw Kang, he didn't see us until it was quite late, because he was busy easting without his specs. Hahaha, so no photos of the rest of us!

After performing 6 dances, the fatter ones were feeling skinny and hungry, so we decided to go for a round of McD's. Oh, did I tell you it has become a routine for us after almost every performance? :D Now you have the explanation of why we never lose that tummy, despite our complains.



Look at us pig out after working out on stage. Hehehe... McD should pay us to become their models and ambassadors to replace the clown, what's-his-name.

With our tummy filled, it was playtime.

Playing with food. Haha. Introducing...


...Serina by night!

Serina the walrus appeared for the second time after... (hold on while I browse for the picture of her first appearance)...


Getting better at it eh? ;p

And she trained 3 more... now with Ketchup!


Please clap lah. Do you know how many soggy fries it took for us to perfect this shot?

Last night Silvia Tzeng got frightened by this picture:


Hahaha... sorry I have to censor my face or else you guys will all have nightmares tonight. I'm asuming this is a child-friendly blog. :)

Which brings us to the second wedding, which was where Silvia saw this picture.

p/s: If you never hear from me here again, you will know what I have done to be banned from the blog. Hahaha! ;p

#2 Rosebelle & Alan's Wedding

The wedding march

31/10/2009, Hilton Kuching - It was a purple-themed wedding I was told.


The ladies of Table No. 26

Oops, we left Diana out. Here's another one. (Actually cuz I couldn't decide which picture to put ;p)

Unlike the previous wedding, this was our friend's wedding, who is also a student of Studio 23. As a gift to her, the Belly Dance Level 2 students performed 2 dances for their classmate, Rosebelle. :)


Not only that, we had a lot of fun on the dance floor. We did poco-poco and some other dances I couldn't identify, like the one in which everyone walk round and round the dance floor like a choo-choo train. Hahaha! But everyone was having so much fun! Next time when I get married I must have music like that as well!

Look at Rose after some red wine. Tsk tsk tsk.

One with the bride and groom

A toast for Rosebelle and Alan!

Cheers! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam Seng! and what was the one in Iban again?

Congratulations and may you have a blissful and fruitful marriage!

To the rest of you, when I get married next time, remember to perform for me also ok! You need to start practicing and training hard now, because...


I caught the bouquet!

So if you start training now, in five years' time you will all be super good dancers at my wedding! :DDDDDD
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