Thursday, October 15, 2009


When everything was said and done, there was nothing left to do but celebrate! To say thanks to everyone who helped out at the Spring, we had everyone out for dinner at the Sarawak club. The food was good (try the butter prawns!) and the company was excellent. There was a lot of lively conversation...and a lot of lively eating!

The Studio 23 "Chinese family portrait" shot. Notice the extreme female:male ratio. Memo to guys in the gym - this is why you should come help out more!

After a great dinner, what better way for the Studio 23 dancers to unwind - than to pose for the cameras!'

Emmelina wanted the spotlight all for herself...

...and pose...

...but the others weren't to be outdone.

...they're not tired of it yet...

The gym that dances together, poses together!

Sure, it was fun for the girls, but it left the guys with few options other than sitting around and making guy-friendly small talk.

"What? You're supposed to use one cup of flour and three eggs, not three cups and one egg! And don't be so cheap with the filling next time, yeah?"

Reuben tired of the waiting after a while and drifted off to dreams of sweaty men punching each other in the face.

When the clicking died down, the night was still far too young for most, who went out to paint the town red. However, try as they may have...

...they still couldn't stop themselves from posing more, even in the parking lot (a successful photobomb by Georgette and Reuben notwithstanding).

(honestly, nobody should be surprised at this point)

A small group of us, though, preferred a more quiet night and so opted for chit-chat and lots of ice cream! (Why do you think we exercise so much?)

Studio 23: we work hard and we eat well.

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