Monday, October 5, 2009


After our MJC outing, we had to prepare for a short stay at the Spring shopping centre. They were launching their second floor and invited us there to set up a booth, and put on some demonstrations and such. We were scheduled to be there from Wednesday Aug 19th, to the end of Sunday Aug 23rd.

We got our booth set up with the help of Azreen and Georgette, who happened to be hanging around at the Spring, and who really did a great job of making it look nice. It also helped that we had some buntings with us that in my opinion looked incredible. We're really happy with them - Thanks to Silas, Derek and Grace: the team from Tru Events, who helped us get them done on pretty short notice!

Our booth. Check out the awesome buntings.

We had to be there on and off from Wednesday to Sunday, and took it in shifts to man the booth and answer questions from the public. Huge thanks to everyone who came out and helped us look after the place while we had to rush back and run our classes!


It wasn't all sitting around and chatting - on Saturday night we got our program off the ground with a very popular Belly Dance concert, starring Serina and the Studio 23 dancers, of course!

Getting ready for the evening - Abigail was on hand to do some Egyptian-style makeup for the dancers.

First, Serina got everyone to do a light warmup...

...then the Studio 23 dancers put in a great performance!

Thanks to all who contributed tissues to help Serina stay nice and dry. We'll bring a towel next time to help save the trees! What? We said "hot" belly dancer, right?

Still to come: Fizfit & CMD demonstrations, and a post-event celebration!

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