Tuesday, October 13, 2009


On our last day at the Spring, we once again interrupted the usual mall atmosphere of window shopping and food court chit chat. I was in action with a Fizfit workout (Cheers to everyone who took part - you know who you are!) and a CMD demonstration. We attracted a crowd of onlookers, and generated a lot of interest. Which was a nice bonus, given that we were just having fun doing what we do!


This is me feeling a bit nervous and trying to ease it by standing on a rubber ball on a stage in the middle of a crowded shopping mall. (It was quite calming and I also managed to entertain several children as they walked past.)

Our very own Georgette was the first in line to show off what the Fizfit program has done for her and wasted no time in putting on a thoroughly awesome display! The audience was definitely blown away by her strength and stamina.

She was then joined by Joanna and Lydia (as well as Royce from the Spring management office), and the three of them duly proceeded to further amaze the crowd!


There were a couple of people who wanted to try out the CMD program, and with but a short briefing, we got them throwing punches at each others' heads in complete safety.

Pretty soon, everyone wanted to try it out!

"Back off! Get your own sandwich!"

"So I want you to try and punch him on the nose, yeah?"
"Hey, um, what?"

Here, Reuben and Owen are doing some light sparring while I coach from the side. I suppose the microphone helped to get us some attention, but it turns out, two guys doing boxing in public isn't a very common sight in Kuching.

CMD: effective self-defense, and a great way for people to feel less self-conscious when sparring in public!

We had a lot of fun there, and met a lot of really nice people from the Spring Management team, and the other people who had booths in our section.

We were really bummed out when we had to leave! It helped that we were also really tired. Good thing I work out for a living...

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