Thursday, February 4, 2010


Just over 2 weeks ago, we went back for more fun at the Spring shopping mall, this time for the launch of the 201o My Privilege Book. First up: a Saturday Night Fever's worth of dancing goodness!

Many of the crew from our Dinner & Dance event were on hand to - what else - look good and pose for the public.

Usually, Studio 23 dancers are highly excitable, but once in a while we get a dancer who is a bit more shy than the rest...

...Silvia is not only one of our favourite dancers, it's a little known fact that she is also a world-class hide-and-seek player.

Team Studio 23 shows off their impressive Flamenco game faces. Garang!

Styling and profiling.

We took a break from the performing, and put on a mini-class where Serina taught the Modern Jazz dancers the next step to their current choreography: the very popular "Nobody, Nobody" by the Wonder Girls!

We were supposed to pick a winner from the bunch to get some nice prizes. But they were all so good, we didn't want to choose. So we didn't! We got Jodie from My Privilege Book to help us select the winner...

Way to go, Lydia!

We capped the night off with another performance of our Dinner & Dance finale: September / Saturday Night Fever! Unfortunately all of our photographers were also performing, so we don't have pictures of that dance :(

The next afternoon we were back to brave some categorically horrific traffic on our way to the mall. It was packed! Fortunately Darren was there to save the day! He was our one-man valet rescue squad, tasked with braving the gridlock and parking our cars. Thanks man!

The CMD team (the ones who weren't still looking for parking, anyway) get ready for action...

...But first, Serina took the stage to get the party started.

Reuben is still camera-shy. We tried to get shots of his face but he was just too quick for us.

Jeremiah craftily stalks Owen, safe in the knowledge that his Crocs are proving an adequate distraction.

We had a good turnout for our Fizfit class: some of our most experienced members came, and some brand new people!

The Crab Walks were very popular. What? They were!

Wilfred demonstrates the mark of an experienced Fizfitter: always know where the cameras are.

We were close to the end now, and the spotlight was on Ivan and Dennis, who rocked up with a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu demonstration!

"So... read any good books lately?"

In a spirited discussion, Ivan argues the literary skills of Diana Wynne Jones, as well as the flexibility of it being a title and not an actual person, make the Chrestomanci a much better character than Harry Potter.

Dennis counters, by stating that the Chrestomanci wizards had neither a really cool scar, nor an owl. Furthermore, Harry was a champion Quidditch player, making him even cooler.

Ivan offers a calculated rebuttal, pointing out Hedwig's tragic demise, the scar acting as a liability to Harry and the general decline in quality of the series after the first few books. Plus Quidditch is a ridiculous game. Brooms? They ride around on brooms?

Dennis reveals his "Team Griffindor" tattoo and the conversation goes downhill from there.

We'll end with a bit of Serina's closing dance...where she gets upstaged! We may have to save a couple of spots in our dance troupe soon...

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