Saturday, February 6, 2010

Retro Mojo

Hello Everyone !!

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to be the opening act for a dinner by SHEDA (the Sarawak Housing Estate Development Association) The theme of the night was "Retro Spectacular", and we had loads of fun planning our attire ...

Our only shot of the performance.
(Photo credit: Julio Jeremy Roy)

... but oh, we had a new Star dancer in the form of our very fit, very macho, and very manly fitness coach - none other than Albert Lim!

Oh yeah, Albert was the Star Attraction that night...

He could not stop checking himself out in the mirror!

You bet we had so much fun with this performance...

And me thinks Albert found his groovy side too!

Albert just could not stop posing for the cameras....

What a diva!!!

And Carl is wondering what got into his fitness Guru....

The couples of the night... presenting Olivia & Warren!

Lydia and Wilfred....

Finally, Albert and Serina!

Of course I'm biased and will say my bosses looks the best out of the three couples :-)

As usual, after any performances we had our makan-makan ritual.....

No funny shots here cos we did all the goofy poses much earlier.

If this was the 70's where disco fashion was in, flower power influence everywhere, and being the king or queen of the dance floor was the ultimate dream...

Unfortunately, some dreams don't work out the way we want them to be.

However, one seems happy enough to be King of BCCK!

Yeah, baby!!!

P/S : I'm the girl in the floral dress, if you were wondering :-)


Albert: It was a lot of fun getting in touch with my inner soul brother, but the spotlight also has to be shared with our co-MC for the night: Silas from TruEvents!

Bob and Jimi, out on the town with the wives.
(Photo credit: Julio Jeremy Roy)

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