Tuesday, May 10, 2011


As part of the Core Strength Bootcamp, we had planned an outing for everyone to get a workout and dinner in a new location. We settled on a pool party and pot luck dinner, followed by games! Here are some highlights from the evening! We were unfortunately unable to get everything (such as some hedge jumping) but maybe next time we'll just get some hidden cameras :)

It sounds funny calling this a warm-up, but anyway...

Using the pool is a great way to work out your arms -
you'll never need the ladder to get out again!

Jeremy kindly demonstrates how you don't need your hands to wave when you're in a pool.

It wasn't all hard work - we just had to get some action shots in as well!

A delicious, healthy dinner prepared by everyone!
Salads, roast chicken, bruschetta, hummus and butterless apple crumble -
it all went down very well after a great workout!

Getting ready for games!

Penguin maneuvering is serious business.

Taboo, the bomb game (we can't remember the actual name but it's really fun!) and
Hey, That's My Fish! were the games on deck for the evening. Great family fun!

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