Tuesday, January 4, 2011


For dancers who are currently away on holiday, or would like to confirm which dance your class is doing, or would like to revise any dances you already know, here is a list of all the dances we're currently offering. Remember to check your level and timeslot. Thanks!

Edit: corrected a typo, Tues 7.45p.m. Belly Dance is doing the Drum Intro, not Veil Dance.


Belly Dance 3 (Tues 6.30p.m.): Karen's Drum Solo - Starting Jan 4th, 2011

Belly Dance 2A (Mon 6.10p.m. & Sat 3p.m.): Princess of Cairo - Just started

Belly Dance 2B (Wed 7.15p.m.): Tamr Henna - Starting Jan 19th, 2011

Belly Dance 2B (Sat 9a.m.): Tabla Solo - Halfway through

Belly Dance 1A (Thurs 6p.m.): Drum Intro - Starting Jan 13th, 2011

Belly Dance 1B (Tues 7.45p.m.): Drum Intro - Starting Jan 4th, 2011

Belly Dance 1C (Wed 6.15p.m.): Veil Dance  - Starting Jan 5th, 2011

Belly Dance 1C (Thurs 7.15p.m.): Habibi - Halfway through

Belly Dance 1C (Fri 6.30p.m.): Habibi - Just started


Jazz 1 (Mon 7.15p.m.): Step Up - Starting Jan 3rd, 2011

Jazz 1 (Wed 8.15p.m.): Smooth Criminal - Halfway through

Jazz 1 (Sat 10a.m.): Beggin' - Halfway through

Jazz 2 (Tues 7.30p.m.): I Believe  - Starting Jan 4th, 2011

Jazz 2 (Sat 4.15p.m.): I Believe - Starting Jan 8th, 2011


Both Flamenco classes (levels 1 & 2) will be starting new routines this week!

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