Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We started getting ready for the Hafla in earnest a week or two before. A lot of the decorations used at the Hafla were designed by our artistic director for the event, Abigail!

Our dancers were more than happy to get into the action (while waiting for rehearsals), doing a great deal of painting, cutting and sticking!

In fact, they were working so hard...

...they started to see stars! *ba dum pssh!*

The unglamorous but necessary part of showbiz...

The night before the Hafla was jam packed with all kinds of activity. It took a lot of work to set up the room!

There was tons of stuff to do to make sure that we were all set for the hafla.

"I don't think we get paid enough for this."
"...You get paid?"
Meanwhile, back at the studio we had more sla- err... willing labour to do up some more decorations!

We had a lot of awesome help with these decorations and they really helped with the atmosphere! This mobile was made by Abigail.

At first it looks like we caused quite a mess...


But then it turns out Lydia's been staying up late watching movies again.

"So I was thinking that the colour composition is interesting because of the contrast in the..."
"I was watching a funny video on YouTube, this guy can make his cats sing!"
"No-boh-dee, no-boh-dee but youuu..."
"Have you guys watched Twilight yet?"
"Um, can I have the staples please?"
Q: How many dancers does it take to staple decorations to a wall?

This scenario was oddly reminiscent of our first Hafla. Maybe it's our newest studio trademark!

Studio 23: great dancers, and expert supervisors!

When hippies let their hair down.
We brought in some special wigs to help get in the proper 60's mood!

"I think it looks good there."
"Yes, ma'am!" *sticks sign to wall*
"No, wait. No, over there."

*starts weeping*
Serina ably lends assistance in her usual expert supervisory capacity.

It was really late when we finally wrapped up and called it a night. We were having trouble staying up...

...and even telling which way was up.


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